Serving Tray + Bowls

walnut-and-maple-serving-tray-and-bowls walnut-and-maple-serving-tray-with-bowls

Here’s a serving tray made of walnut with a thin strip of maple running down the middle. It holds two bowls that are roughly 4.5″ x 3″ and the whole thing was finished with coconut oil in order to make it completely food safe, because after all, we all spill food! It’s a great addition for serving guests at dinner parties, or just having two different dipping sauces that you can easily access at the same time. The total size of this is about 14″ x 6″.



we're passionate about design and the opportunity it presents to express what inspires us. blending aesthetics to create something entirely new allows for a unique and personal look. we seek to fashion new, using the old. the character that comes from history can't be replicated; similar to a pair of jeans that is distressed over time by the owner. that's why we choose to use reclaimed materials. we also believe in reusing and repurposing furniture, using natural finishes, and other recycled materials to reduce our carbon footprint.

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