Chevron Coffee Table

Another chevron table here; this time it’s wider and longer than the “small chevron table” that has already been posted. This chevron coffee table was made out of reclaimed oak flooring and reclaimed oak posts used for the legs. There was no stain used here, but it was finished it with 100% pure tung oil. It really is one of our favorite things to use on wood because it allows for a matte and natural looking finish, yet enhances the grain and really brings the wood to life. The white specs seen on the wood are from the paint that was all over the flooring, but we decided to leave little bits of it to add to the overall character of the table. It really just makes it more unique. Be on the lookout for more coffee tables similar to this in different sizes.



we're passionate about design and the opportunity it presents to express what inspires us. blending aesthetics to create something entirely new allows for a unique and personal look. we seek to fashion new, using the old. the character that comes from history can't be replicated; similar to a pair of jeans that is distressed over time by the owner. that's why we choose to use reclaimed materials. we also believe in reusing and repurposing furniture, using natural finishes, and other recycled materials to reduce our carbon footprint.

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